Why, Headero??

March 1, 2023

Why did we center our app, Headero, on oral pleasure?  This is a question we on the Headero team get very frequently.  And of course, it’s a topic we’re pretty keen to get mouthy about.  So let’s serve it up!

Do what you love.

So, first off, let’s be real  – we love oral pleasure.  It’s intimate and erotic.  Vulnerable and pleasurable.  After evaluating the very many benefits of oral pleasure - we on the Headero team agree: oral pleasure is chef’s kiss.  And given the growth we’ve seen in the Headero community it’s pretty clear that we’re not the only ones!

Pleasure is our purpose.

But - we didn’t focus on oral pleasure just because we love it.  We focused on oral pleasure because it aligns to our company purpose - liberating people from arbitrary and harmful restrictions by creating sex positive, inclusive and joyful platforms for sexual exploration and experimentation.  That sure is a mouthful - so let’s break it down.

Let’s be honest.

First off, we’re honest about Headero’s function.  We’re here for oral pleasure.  We don’t dance around the subject - we’re not here for “networking”, we’re not a “sexy app”, and while you can certainly find some sexy folks to date (and / or network with) on Headero - we don’t limit ourselves to “dating”.  We’re the app for oral pleasure.

And this matters because oral sex, like sex in general, is stigmatized by many.  And it is one of our core beliefs that sex, when grounded in consent and safety, is joyful, uplifting, fulfilling – and, well… sexy!  Meanwhile, stigma exists to reinforce power hierarchies, to further marginalize already marginalized human beings.

So we say, f stigma.  We’re gonna be honest.  We’re here for oral pleasure (and you can be too).

Desire is fun for everyone.

Secondly, inclusivity is one of our core guidelines.  By focusing on oral pleasure, we are able to make Headero a space that is inclusive of people of all identities.  Because desire is something that everyone can share.  People of all sexualities, gender identities, ages (18+ of course!), ethnicities, backgrounds, etc. are welcome and encouraged to join the Headero community.  And seeing our incredibly diverse community embrace this concept is truly what energizes us on the Headero team.

Honesty + intention = joy.

Finally, because we’re honest about our purpose, and intentional about our function, we can create a more joyful experience.  If oral pleasure is something you’re down with Headero allows you to connect in a variety of delicious ways.  You can choose whether you’re eager to please, or eager to be pleased (or both!).  You can select from a range of oral styles - do you prefer sensual?  Laid back?  Hands free?  No matter your favorite flavor - Headero is here for you.

Give us your reason(s).

If what we’re building at Headero resonates with you, download Headero and join our inclusive, sex-positive and consent-grounded community!  And for those who have already joined, please share your reasons why - we’d love to post them on our blog and beyond!

Stephen Quaderer | Creator, Headero. Founder / CEO, ThotExperiment