Community Guidelines

Headero is a space for a consenting community to form, connect & grow together, safely.

Our community has three core guidelines:

Headero is for everyone.
Headero is an inclusive space. Engage other community members in a spirit of openness, empathy, and respect.

Headero is pleasure positive.
We are here to embrace the joy of discovery. Stigma or shaming has no place here.

Affirmative consent, every time.
Communicate. Check in to make sure your partner has consented to engage with you. If in doubt, step back.

Headero empowers consenting adults to connect and meet for exploration and mutual pleasure.

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Guideline ratings

To enable our community to uphold these guidelines, we've created a Headero guideline rating feature.

After you've interacted with a member of the Headero community, you will have the opportunity to rate your interaction on our three guidelines.

The guideline rating feature helps keep our community informed, and allows our community to recognize values champions as wonderful humans.

Heart = A guideline champion
4 Stars = Good
3 Stars = Average
2 Stars = Not good
X = Guideline violation

If someone receives a guideline violation or consistently low ratings, their account will be reviewed, potentially suspended, or banned.



About new journey
Hi!  I’m Stephen Quaderer (he/him), founder and CEO of ThotExperiment and “inventor” of Headero.  I’m gay.  I’m an entrepreneur.  I’m a NYC-superfan.  I’m a dog-dad.  I’m pansexual. I’m terrible at basketball.
I believe the boxes that society puts us in are absurd.  I believe if we allow ourselves to be vulnerable we can grow in ways that surprise us.  I believe people > systems.  I believe in the promise of technology (so long as we are clear-eyed about the peril of technology).  I believe we can choose a future grounded in compassion, in equity, in love.  
I hope to find joy in my journey, and help others do the same.  I hope the spaces we collectively create enable us to experiment and grow together.  I hope we choose a future grounded in compassion, in equity, in love.  I hope to look back and be proud of the life I’ve lived, once I’ve lived it.


ThotExperiment creates sex-positive, inclusive, and joyful platforms for sexual exploration and experimentation.   Our platforms are spaces for consenting communities to form, connect and grow together safely.   We believe in the simple notion that your data is yours and recognize that your privacy is paramount.  We do not have third-party adverts or sell your data.
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