The Down Low On the ~New~ Headero

May 15, 2024

Heads’ up - a whole new Headero is here!

We’re thrilled to share that Headero, the app for oral pleasure, has a whole new look, feel and functionality.  Our latest update is our most significant since Headero’s launch, and we’re hopeful that our new interface features and backend infrastructure will delight you (and help you find other Headero members that are down to go down)! 

Before digging into what’s changed - we first want to talk about how we got here.  Guided by our cornerstone value, “Community is Our Answer”, we sought insight from you - the Headero community. Your responses to our questionnaires, feedback forms, focus groups, and 1-1 meetings were invaluable.  And now with over 325k downloads our community commitment matters more than ever!

Some clear themes

Before we dive into each of the changes you can expect to see, we wanted to share two themes that stood out in our conversations.  

First and foremost - you wanted us to make it easier to connect with the Headero community.  While this has also manifested in a slew of new Headero events in cities across North America - it also led us to make some important changes to our app design.  

Secondly, you told us that you really love our focus on our purpose – oral pleasure.  The fact that this has resonated so resoundingly warms our thotful little hearts - and also made us elevate this aspect of our app design even further.

So with no further ado – here come the updates:

Let’s connect (no more spin!)

While we had high intentions for our original app design, ultimately we heard from you that some of our features made connecting with other members harder than necessary – particularly our spinning “carousels”. 

So, we’ve said goodbye to the carousels and created a whole new scroll-based interface to help you connect with Headero members quickly and easily.  The members at the top of the feed are those closest / most relevant to you.

What’s your pleasure?

Headero has never been shy about enabling our members to share their pleasure preferences.  But we heard from you that those choices were not made visible enough to other members.  

Now, your filter choice of “Eager to Please” or “Eager to be Pleased” (or both!) will be featured on your profile card

At the same time, we’re also letting you feature your top three “Oral Styles” on your profile card.

Together, these updates will help you find your compatible person(s) to connect and get mouthy with.

How about now?

We’ve added new categories to help you find other Headero members to connect with in real time.  If you’re looking to connect with someone who’s on now, check out our “Online Now” tab, where you can see members who have logged on in the past hour. 

If that narrows down the list too much, check out our other tabs “Online Recently”, which shows you members who have been online in the past week – or “All Members” to message all active Headero members nearby. 

Our “New/Updated” tab will give you a fresh dose of fresh folks nearby for some lip service.

Where r u?

We’ve updated our distance functionality - moving away from sharing the city or town that you live in, and instead sharing your distance from other members.

This was a meaningful change - and we wanted to make sure we did this in a privacy-safe manner.  So, we’ve given each member the option to share how precise they want their location to be shown - from 100s of feet, to 500s of feet, to within a mile. 

You can adjust your distance choice on your settings page within the Headero app.  Not showing your distance at all is an option for Bliss mode members.

Pretty (pleased)

We’re a sucker for pretty design, so we went through the app to improve our look and feel.  You’ll notice this most clearly when you review other members’ profiles.  But hopefully you find Headero, the app for oral pleasure, prettified across the board.

Thx, but make it faster

On top of all of this, we’ve invested significantly in our backend architecture to reduce latency and bugs.  So you’ll be able to see and message more members, faster.  Who doesn’t want that!?

Putting the Tea in Teamwork

Huge thanks to the globally distributed Headero team that lived our core value “Care is our highest calling” throughout this relaunch process.  There were late nights and early mornings (global teams can make scheduling tough), but care for our community is what held the team together.  We hope this care shines through in our work.  Let us know how you feel by emailing Community@Headero.com

Headero Community Team