Unlock the Benefits of Oral Pleasure with Headero

December 30, 2022

Eating out.  Giving head.  Going down. Getting a blowie.  Muff diving.  Getting a WAP lap.  Oral pleasure goes by MANY names.  Beloved by many, oral pleasure can be a great way to explore intimacy and sexual pleasure with your partner.   So let’s dive in!

What is oral pleasure?

Oral pleasure is a form of sex that involves stimulating one partner’s genitals and/or intimate areas with the other partner’s mouth, tongue, or lips.  Or, in the rather clinical words of Webster’s Dictionary: oral sex (another way to say oral pleasure) is the “oral stimulation of the genitals.”  Curious and want to learn more?  Read on! 

What are the benefits of oral pleasure?

Oral pleasure is incredibly intimate, erotic, vulnerable and pleasurable – all at the same time.  Physiologically, it’s a connection of our most sensitive bits with our most articulate bits, which for many is a recipe for a mind-blowing orgasm.  

With oral pleasure, you can establish a connection and a feedback loop – as the giving partner senses what the receiving partner enjoys, changing styles and rhythms to deliver ever new heights of pleasure.  With enough practice, oral pleasure can lead to an orgasmic mind-meld that is truly second to none.  

You can also introduce many different kinks and elements into your oral pleasure play - for instance, dominance and submission (like face sitting or face-fucking), sensual elements (a little mint or a little ice, or hot breath in just the right place), or even a little dirty talk (if you want to put both partners’ mouths to work).  

Really, you can bring almost all facets of your sexual experience into your oral pleasure play.

And it is of course notable that oral pleasure is the primary or even the only way that many people experience sex.  And for many people, particularly those with vulvas, oral pleasure is one of the more reliable ways to reach orgasm.

It’s probably pretty clear by now, but for all these reasons and more, we at Headero are BIG proponents of oral pleasure! 


What are some oral pleasure tips?

  1. Find a play partner.  It’s important to find a play partner that is both down with oral (whether it’s giving, receiving, or both) and is aligned to your sexual value system.  Finding a sex positive, consent grounded community, like Headero, to connect with potential partners is a great way to find potential oral pleasure play partners.
  2. Check in with yourself.  Make sure that you yourself are feeling up for oral pleasure play.  At Headero, enthusiastic consent is one of our core guidelines – which means, when it comes to sex, if it’s not a hell yes, it’s a hell no.  And of course this applies to you!  If now’s not the right time, or if you feel like oral pleasure isn’t for you - take a pass on oral pleasure play for today.
  3. Communicate.  Talk with your oral pleasure play partner about your desires, interests and boundaries - and be inquisitive and knowledgeable about theirs.  Oral pleasure can take many forms, so to set yourself up for a good experience, it’s best to talk it through so you know what to expect.
  4. Hydrate.  Let’s be honest, when done right, oral pleasure can be a bit, err, juicy.  So make sure you keep those juices flowing by staying hydrated! 
  5. Start slowly.  No need to rush the experience.  Even if your oral pleasure play is going to get rev up - it’s best to start slow and sensual. Take the time to explore and enjoy each other’s bodies. 
  6. Listen (with all your senses).  Sex is a symphony of delights - where you and your partner are the conductor, performer and audience, all at once.  Listen and feel your partner to get a sense for what pleases them - and put simply, do more of that!  
  7. Be dynamic.  Don’t be afraid to change up your pattern and try something new.  Experiment with your partner to find all new avenues of pleasure.
  8. Get nosey.  When you’re going down on your partner, you can definitely put your nose to work.  For instance, when going down on a partner with a vulva, you can use your nose to rub the head of their clit - adding an extra level of pleasure to your play.
  9. Play with a playlist.  Rhythm is incredibly important for oral pleasure - so don’t be afraid to create an oral pleasure playlist.  Licking, sucking and kissing to your oral pleasure playlist is like a rhythm cheat code!
  10. Stay safe.  Remember oral pleasure is a form of sex, so being safe is absolutely paramount.  This includes practicing safe(r) sex - , physical safety - including staying sober and ensuring you are in a safe environment at all times, and psychological / emotional safety.  For more safety tips go to www.headero.com/safety.

The Benefits of Using Headero for Oral Pleasure

As the connection app for people who love oral pleasure, Headero makes it easy to find others who are interested in exploring all the delights that oral pleasure offers!

Within Headero you can select whether you’re “eager to please” or “eager to be pleased” – or both!  This way, you know that at a fundamental level you and your oral pleasure partner are compatible.

If you want to take your oral pleasure play to a whole new level, you can also share and find others who are down with your preferred oral pleasure “styles”.  So whether you like your oral pleasure sensual or rough, hands on or hands free, or rimming or facesitting are your jam - Headero can hook you up.

Importantly - the Headero community operates accounting to our shared guidelines of inclusivity, sex positivity and enthusiastic consent.  After you've interacted with a member of the Headero community, you will have the opportunity to rate your interaction on our three guidelines.  The guideline rating feature helps keep our community informed, and allows our community to recognize values champions as wonderful humans.

Finally, Headero is part of the ThotExperiment platform, which means Headero is a data and privacy safe space.  We do not sell your data to third parties or targeted advertisements 

So what are you waiting for?  Give Headero a download and get ready to experience some mind blowing oral pleasure in an inclusive, sex positive and consent-grounded space!

Headero Editorial Team