Fostering a Pleasure-Positive Community: The Power of Community Guidelines Ratings on Headero

July 25, 2023

At Headero, the app for oral pleasure, community lies at the heart of our purpose.

We believe in the power of community: To care and nurture each other. To bring about needed change.  And to create a joyful way of life that enriches our spirit, individually and collectively.  Our parent company, ThotExperiment, instilled the value of community as our guiding principle.

Community Guidelines Ratings: Strengthening Our Values Together

To reinforce the power of community, we've introduced our unique Community Guidelines Rating feature. Headero members can rate their interactions based on our three core community guidelines:

  1. Inclusivity: Headero is an inclusive space, for everyone. Engage with others in a spirit of openness, empathy, and respect.
  2. Pleasure Positivity: Embrace the joy of discovery on Headero. We reject stigma or shaming, ensuring a pleasure-positive environment for all.
  3. Enthusiastic Consent, Every Time: Communicate and check in with your partner to ensure mutual consent. If in doubt, step back and respect boundaries.

A Community-Maintained Metric

Headero members can rate interactions on a 1-5 scale, empowering the community to uphold our high standards of behavior. Just like most platforms connecting people for intimacy and relationships, we also maintain a reporting functionality for guidelines violations and other platform terms.

An Incentive for Kindness

Our Community Guidelines Rating feature promotes a well-informed and appreciative community. It enables our members to recognize champions who embody our guidelines and encourages kindness and care among our users. At Headero, we believe that kindness, care, and sexiness are the perfect threesome [grin].

Your Rating, Your Truth

Community guidelines ratings are submitted anonymously, ensuring that the recipient remains unaware of the specific rater. Honesty is paramount, and members must acknowledge that their rating represents their truth.

Monitored by Our Safety Team

The Headero Safety team regularly monitors the platform's Community Guidelines Ratings to ensure that our community upholds our principles with honesty and integrity.

Always Evolving with Your Input

At Headero, our community is everything. We're continuously working to empower our members and enable the best experience possible. We welcome your input and suggestions on how we can better support the Headero community. Share your thoughts with us at!

Together, let's embrace the incredible power of community and create a pleasure-positive haven on Headero - where everyone can explore their desires with respect, enthusiasm, and unbridled joy. 🌟💋

Headero Community Team