100K+ Members!

May 25, 2023

We're thrilled to announce that the Headero community has surpassed a whopping 100,000 members! It's time to break out the confetti and dig into the tantalizing data of our pleasure-positive oral enthusiasts. Get ready for juicy insights and a touch of tongue-in-cheek humor!

The Art of Giving (and Receiving): 

Headero, the app for oral pleasure, lets members specify their oral pleasure preferences: giving, receiving, or both!

No surprises here - the vast majority of Headero members crave the full buffet of pleasure! A staggering 91% are eager to give and receive with gusto. But what about the mysterious 9% who have chosen a side? Are they oral superheroes or connoisseurs of bliss? Let's unravel this tantalizing mystery together!

As we dive into the data, the "pleasers" take center stage, outnumbering those seeking to be pleased by a mouthwatering 1.3 times. This delightful ratio holds steady across gender identities, but hold onto your taste buds because we're about to take a flavorful tour of city-specific insights!

Generosity Down South: 

As we embark on a flavor-filled journey across US cities, a delightful trend emerges. The South really “tastes the cake” with an extra dash of generosity! Dallas steals the spotlight with a double dose of pleasure givers compared to receivers. Houston follows suit, boasting a mouthwatering 1.8 times more givers. And fear not, Southern California, LA clinches the bronze with 1.7 times more generous souls!

For those craving the ultimate oral pleasure experience, a trip to NYC is a must. Here, 1.2 times more members exclusively seek to be pleased. A fact that's sure to set some tongues wagging!

It's Not (That) Complicated!

On Headero, our members can savor a variety of delicious dynamics, from casual encounters to committed relationships. So, what flavors do they favor? Let's dig into the data! Our members tend to lean towards a more casual approach. 'Meetups,' 'Friends with Benefits,' and 'Just Chats' tantalize their taste buds, closely followed by pleasure-positive Dates. 

Let's Talk Dirty...

While oral pleasure rightfully steals the spotlight, Headero members also indulge in a captivating array of tempting kinks (we've got 24 to choose from!). So, what's the most popular kink on our menu? Dirty Talk! A mouth-watering 11% of Headero kinksters can't resist the temptation to get (extra) mouthy and unleash their verbal desires. We just can't resist the sound of that...

And the runners-up? Cuddling takes us into a cozy embrace, closely followed by those with an insatiable appetite for Underwear/Lingerie. "Roleplay" and "Outdoors" spice up the top five kinks, leaving us with an insatiable craving for more!

C'mon Everybody!

Whether you're a passionate pleaser or a devoted receiver, if you're curious about the tantalizing pleasure-positive community experience, come and explore Headero, the app for oral pleasure! And if you'd like to see more mouthwatering kinks or relationship dynamics on the platform - don't keep it to yourself! Let us know in the comments (or drop us a note: community@headero.com)! 

Together, let's create a playground that's both tantalizing and inclusive, where everyone can savor their desires to the fullest!

Headero Community Team